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The art for this wildly funny nonfiction children's book from HarperCollins combines James Solheim’s pencil drawings, digital drawings, and photographs with images from around the world and outer space.

All images are by James Solheim except those available by public domain, by permission, through a Creative Commons license, through, or through  Black:  source stated.  Red:  Wiki Commons.  Orange: Unsplash.  Green:  Pixabay, CC0.  Purple:  Pexels.  Blue:  Flickr, CC BY 2.0.  “PD” = Public Domain.


Cover:  George Washington by Gilbert Stuart and Rembrandt Peale, PD.  Hand by Charles Peale Polk, PD.  Other hand by Gilbert Stuart, PD.  Arm and body by Daniel John Pound, PD.  Lower legs by Nargeot, CC BY 4.0.  Eels by Greg Thompson for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, PD.  Apple pie by Andrea Hamilton.  Grasshopper by Claudia Peters.  Squirrel by Guy Leroux.  Cricket parts by Gail Hampshire.  Buzz Aldrin by Neil Armstrong for NASA, PD.  Mammoth by Charles R. Knight, PD.  Inside Front Cover: Nefertiti attributed to Thutmose in about 1345 BC, photographed by icelight.  Shakespeare by John Taylor, PD.  Eyes by LeuschteLampe, PD.   Hand holding mouse by Niek Verlaan.  Rhino brain by Paul R. Manger, CC BY 4.0.  Bug legs by Frank Vassen, CC BY 2.0.  S’mores by Evan-Amos, CC0.   Tarantula from “Insects Unlocked” by Alejandro Santillan and Lexi Roberts, CC0.  Pie rat by Robert Owen Wahl.  Eel by Greg Thompson for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, PD.  Mammoth by Charles R. Knight, PD.  Liver Jell-O by RetroRuth (Ruth Clark),, by permission.  Oyster shell by Javier Lastras.  Oyster by Priscilla Yuen, CC BY 3.0.    Fish eyeballs by SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory, Collection of Brandi Noble, PD.  Scorpions by Rudy Herman.  Tortillas by Ll1324, CC0.  Starfish by Ven. Rangama Chandawimala Thero.  Camel meat by Krista Garcia, goodiesfirst.comCopyright/Title Pages:  Fire by Chris Rhoads.  Branch by Zach Reiner.  Brain from Das menschliche Gehirn by R.A. Pfeifer, Wellcome Collection, CC BY 4.0.     Einstein by Acme Newspictures, PD.  Clothes by Nick Karvounis.  Einstein’s hands by Niek Verlaan.  Grasshopper by Elegance Thika.  Contents Page:  Green eye by Heikki Siltala,, CC BY 3.0.   Orange eye by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Brownish eyes by LeuschteLampe, PD.   Insect grub by Grey Geezer, PD.  Vapor eyes by Rembrandt van Rijn, PD.  Shark by Timothy Knepp, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, USFWS National Digital Library, PD.  Page 2:  Mom and boy from Saturday Evening Post, April 12, 1952, PD, scanned by Justin Solheim.  Mammoth photo by Evgeny Maschenko by permission.  Mom’s hand by Sergey Zolkin, modified.  Page 3:  Waring mixor from Better Homes & Gardens, November, 1955, PD, scanned by James Solheim.  Rhino brain by Paul R. Manger CC BY 4.0.   Stone tool by April Nowell by permission.  World-record Twinkie by Libby Rosemeier by permission.  Page 5:  Drinking glass By FxJ, PD.  Foam by Stefan Grage.  Sheep brain by Manimaran96, CC0.  Dress frill by Małgorzata Smożewska.  Horse heart by Jean de Saunier, PD.  Sky by Carsten Frenzl.  Page 6:  Fly by USDAgov, PD.  Beetle by Roland Kuck.  Flea by Andrei Savitsky, CC BY 4.0.  Louse by Janice Harney Carr, Center for Disease Control, PD.  Cockroach by Dirk (Beeki®) Schumacher.  Iguana skin by Brian Gratwicke.  Grasshopper by Egor Kamelev.  Einstein by Orren Jack Turner, modified by PM_Poon and Dantadd, PD.  Brain from Wellcome Collection, CC BY 4.0.  First Confirmation of a Neutral Current Interaction © 1973-2020 CERN, CC BY 4.0.  Page 7:  Mastodon by Charles R. Knight from an 1897 painting, PD.  Termites by Alfredo Flores, USDA Forest Service, PD.  Taco by Renee Comet, National Cancer Institute, PD.  Page 8:  Jimmy Carter’s smile by Karl Schumacher © White House, PD.  Top cheese eye by Amanda Dalbjörn.  Lower eye by LeuschteLampe, PD.  Moonworts by Jason Hollinger.  Cattail by AnRo0002, CC0.  Cattail by Ryan.  Smartweed by Harry Rose.  Cutworms by USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab, PD.  Walt Whitman by Mathew Brady from U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, PD.  Moon by NASA/JPL-Caltech, PD.  Pseudoscorpion by Marshal Hedin.  Orange eye by Woodwalker, CC BY 3.0.  Green eye by Jeffrey Buchbinder.  Ponytail by deerstop, CC0.  Gray rocks by icelight.  Page 9:  Teosinte by Hugh Iltis by permission. Prehistoric popcorn by Tom Dillehay by permission.  Buffalo Bill’s mustache by Henry Van der Weyde, PD.  Jackie Onassis’s hair by Robert Knudsen, JFK Library and Museum, PD.  Yellow suit by Mariya Georgiva.  Cabbage moth caterpillars by David Short.  Page 10:  Stone in glasses by Emery Muhozi.  Gray gum by Theis Jensen by permission.  Tan gum by Sami Viljanmaa of the Kierikki Stone Age Centre by permission.  Black gum by Natalija Kashuba by permission.  Pink bubble by Gisela Merkuur,   Page 11:  Pre-Columbian pot by unknown Mexican artist about 1200-1521, photographed by Sailko, CC 3.0. Mastic gum by Joumana Accad, by permission.  Alexander the Great by unknown ancient artist, photographed by Ángel M. Felicísimo.  Page 12:  Boris Karloff as the Mummy by Universal Pictures, PD.  Tut headdress underlayer photographed by Carsten Frenzl.  Page 13:  Mumia by Christoph Braun, CC0.   Louvre mummy wraps photographed by jalvear.   Mummy heads copyright © Merck, by permission.  Page 14:  Swimming pool by MCSAM, PD. Naffur temple ruins by Jasmine N. Walthall, U.S. Army, PD.  Page 15:  Hammurabi inscription from A Guide to the Babylonian and Assyrian Antiquities by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge and Leonard William King, 1908, PD.  Mesopotamian recipe tablet from the Yale Babylonian Collection by permission.  Page 16: Pythagoras head by unknown artist (Roman copy of a Greek statue from 1st or 2nd century BC), photo by Szilas, PD.  Baby carriage from cabinet maker and furniture catalog circa 1886, from, PD.  Green bean, black bean, and lima bean by Renee Comet for the National Cancer Institute, PD.  Discus Thrower, Roman copy of a lost sculpture by Myron of Eleutherae, who lived about 480–440 BC in ancient Greece, photographed by Matthias Kabel, CC BY 2.5.  Hera, Roman copy of a lost sculpture by unknown Greek artist, circa 3rd century BC, photographed by Marie-Lan Nguyen (Jastrow), from the Louvre, PD.  Eel by James Carson Brevoort, 1818-1887, PD.  Eyes by LeuschteLampe, PD.  Page 17:  Marathon Boy by the School of Praxiteles, about 340 - 330 BCE, photographed by Jebulon, CC0.  Fish by NOAA from, PD.  Athena from the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus (Athens), by Kephisodotos or Euphranor (4th century BC) or an unknown artist, photographed by Giovanni Dall'Orto, all uses permitted.  Octopus by T. Tseng.  Page 18:  Cow from Johnson's Household Book of Nature, by Hugh Craig, 1880, in, PD.  Poison ivy by Broly0, CC0.  Page 19:  Statue head photographed by Marie-Lan Nguyen (Jastrow), PD.  Eyes by LeuschteLampe.  Temple at Olympia by Karta24, CC BY 2.5.  Pickle jar by Anne & Saturnino Miranda.  Pigs’ feet by Bryan Ledgard.  Marble floor by MM, PD.  Mosaic floor from page 160 of Architecture, Classic and Early Christian by John Slater and T. Roger Smith, 1888.  Pot from Sparta by the workshop of the Boreads Painter, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, CC0.  Bornean bearded pig by Mike Prince.  Dress by Jean Jacques François Lebarbier, from “A Spartan Woman Giving a Shield to Her Son” at the Portland Art Museum collection, PD.  Page 20:  Eyes by Gisela Merkuur, Robed statue photographed by Marie-Lan Nguyen (Jastrow), CC BY 2.5.   Heads photographed by Bibi Saint-Pol, PD.  Caesar Augustus photographed by Bradley Weber.  Page 21:  Ostrich by Lourdes Alvarez Martinez.  Wing by Jean van der Meulen, Hat by Frank K.  Page 22Still life by Floris van Dyck, 1610, from the Frans Hals Museum, PD.  Pie shell by Anna Tukhfatullina, Crust by fugzu.  Page 23:  Queen from, PD.  George Washington “Williamstown Portrait” by Gilbert Stuart and Rembrandt Peale, PD.  Page 24:  Peacock tail by Scott Edmunds.  Page 25:  Charlemagne by Louis-Félix Amiel, PD.  Frying pan and marshmallow by Evan-Amos, PD, CC0.  Chapelle de Languidou rose window by Patrice78500, PD.  Bottom flame by Ludovic Bertron.  Top flame by Arghya Banik.  Earthworms by Saikiransunkoju, CC BY 4.0.  Page 26:  Flying squirrel by unknown, from Fauna Japonica, published between 1833-1850, PD.  Pumpkin stems by Steve, PD,  Galaxy by NASA, ESA, The Hubble Heritage Team, and P. Knezek (WIYN), PD.  Page 27:  Jet by U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Miranda Moorer, PD.  Missiles from National Museum of the U.S. Navy, PD.  Escaping couple from Monster on the Campus poster by Reynold Brown, PD.  Sky by Harshit Sharma.  Page 28:  Dragon’s pigeon brain from The New Student's Reference Work, PD.  Monkey head mushrooms by Henk Monster, CC BY 3.0.  Page 30:  Big hair from 1902 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalog reprinted by Gramercy, 1993, PD.  Flowers and mouse by Willem van Aelst, about 1656, Google Art Project, PD.  Ivy by Sereja Ris.  Ship by Willem van de Velde the Younger, PD.  Lace by Edny Fauskanger, photographed and adapted by James Solheim. P.T. Barnum by W. R. Howell, engraved by George E. Perine, PD.  Page 31:  Eyes by LeuschteLampe, PD.  Biohazard symbol by CRW at, PD.  Lips by Azamat Zhanisov.  Surströmming by MartinThoma, CC0.  Hongeo-hoe by 자유로, CC BY 2.0 kr.  Durian by EquatorialSky, PD.  Stinkin’ toe fruit by Mauroguanandi, PD.  Funazushi by Yasuo Kida.  Page 32: Lincoln by Alexander Gardner, PD.  James Garfield by Mathew Brady from Library of Congress, PD.  Hat by unknown, photographed by Daderot, CC0.  Eisenhower by White House, Eisenhower Presidential Library, PD.  Page 33:  Queen Victoria, copy of a painting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, PD.  Queen’s arm by Niek Verlaan.  Squirrel by Marcelo Vaz.  Page 34:  Shrimp color by Toa Heftiba,  Wig from a portrait of Marquis de Lücker, 1696–1772, by Louis Tocqué, PD.  Page 35:  Fruit fly by Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service,, CC 3.0.  Other fruit fly by Joseph Berger,, CC 3.0.    Gray gravestone by AnnaER.  Grass by Janko Ferlič.  Sky from NASA on the Commons, PD.  Pages 36-37:  Baby’s plate from Dainty Desserts for Dainty People, Charles B. Knox Company, 1915, PD.  Spam Jell-O from American Home, July 1952, PD, scanned by James Solheim.  Teddy Roosevelt © the United States Library of Congress, PD.  Roosevelt’s sleeve by Garry Tucker, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region, PD.  Red Jell-O by Hugo Hercer.  Napkin by monicore, salad by Marie Rayner, by permission.  SpaghettiO Jell-O by Renea Wayna by permission.  Peter Cooper by Mathew Brady, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, PD.  Pearle B. Wait from the Kraft Heinz Company by permission.  Tuna Jell-O from Women’s Day, May 1955, PD, scanned by James Solheim.  Pineapple by Brian Sauls by permission.  Hearts by Meghan Christine Cassidy by permission.  Liver Jell-O and Yellow Jell-O by Ruth Clark,, by permission.  Acrobat from poster by Morris père et fils © the United States Library of Congress, PD.  Acrobat from 1887 poster in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, PD.  Baseball players by Gilbert Bacon, and bottom fairy by Achille Devéria, from the New York Public Library digital collection, PD.  Top fairies from, by Alfred Edward Chalon and by unknown, PD.  May Wait by permission of Lynne Belluscio at the Jell-O Gallery.  Pages 38-39:  Neil Armstrong, rocket thrusters, exhaust, Earth, moon surface, space shuttle wings, liquid globes (modified by James Solheim), and International Space Station Water Recovery System by NASA, PD.  Buzz Aldrin by Neil Armstrong, PD.  Restroom symbol by Ocal at, PD.  Spigot and mouse by Robert Owen Wahl.  Glass cracks by Paul Barlow.  Scientist and flask by George Hodan.  Plastic wrap by Hans Braxmeier.  Page 40:  Burger top by Patrick Tomasso of Eaters Collective.  Cookies by Whitney Wright.  Page 43:  Mammoth brain by Anastasia Kharlamova and Sergei Saveliev by permission.  Page 47:  Carrot by Liz West.  Inside back cover:  Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David, PD.  Lung from OpenStax College—Anatomy & Physiology, Connexions Web site, CC BY 3.0.  Golden fish eye by incidencematrix.  Lionfish eye by Michael Gäbler, CC BY 3.0.  Telstar by Thomson200, CC0.  Moose snout by Denali National Park and Preserve, PD.  Queen Elizabeth attributed to William Segar, PD.  Ambergris by Wmpearl, CC0.   Brain by Daniel Hack Tuke, no restrictions.  Chicha by Tisquesusa, CC BY 4.0.  Neil Armstrong, sky, and rocket by NASA, PD.  John F. Kennedy by U.S. Navy, © United States Library of Congress, PD. Beetle by Christina Butler, Back Cover:  Jell-O by Hugo Hercer.  Lincoln’s face by Alexander Gardner, PD.  Mammoth by Charles R. Knight, PD.

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