Think Big!

Author James Solheim's Presentations for Kids

on How to Succeed

        My presentations are more than talk.  They’re designed to awaken students who need to set goals and to encourage kids who have them.  During my presentations, the kids and I shape a solar system with a seven-foot-tall inflatable sun to get them thinking big.  We make giant insects or our own giant book and discuss the possibilities ahead for them if they get interested in learning now.

        My books are about subjects with the highest child appeal while secretly broadening kids’ minds and experience.  It’s Disgusting—and We Ate It (from Simon & Schuster and Scholastic) explores Earth’s wackiest foods as seen through a kid’s imagination, while highlighting the fun in math, geography, poetry, science, and more.

        Grandmas Are Greater Than Great (from Greenwillow/HarperCollins) explores history without ever mentioning the subject—through twelve generations of grandmotherly love.  Kids learn about how tiny caring gestures grow and spread exponentially throughout time.

              If you’re an educator, a librarian, or a parent reading to your child, your work is urgent.  Kids need goals, and they need to read for fun to develop their minds and find out about goals.  My presentations complement your work and bring out the fun in learning, increasing the likelihood of kids’ success through enthusiasm.

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